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About us

Mini Me started in May 2018 when I decided to become a full time mumpreneur, We are based in east midlands and work from a small space in our home.

 I have always had this creative mind and a million ideas in my head which I never really did anything about as i didn't have the motivation to make my creative ideas a reality.In November 2016 is the day my life changed after giving birth to my beautiful boy Shayan, it made me realise that I needed to take the stride to do what I enjoyed and use my creativity to its full potential I am always dressing Shayan up in cool outfits and personalised clothing, people always compliment me on how I style him so thats when I decided to start off mini me. Shayan has given me the motivation I needed to put my all in to this venture, he is the reason I created Mini Me.

Since starting Mini Me, I have had a huge amount of support which I appreciate so much, not only are you supporting my brand you are supporting my dream.

I hope you like my work and please stay tuned as there is so much more cool stuff to come!